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Belknap Auto Body helps you avoid the hassles of finding suitable Body Shop, we do it all. We work on any make or model vehicle, delivering the right factory recommended parts and quality materials from Glasurit Automotive Finishes. Whether it is a full restoration of an almost totaled vehicle or the smallest of dings and dents, Belknap Auto Body will quickly and efficiently complete your repair with high quality craftsmanship that has built a long list of customer satisfaction and a reputation for success.

"It's your baby, and it's no small investment"

General Repair
Belknap Auto Body is always ready to help you with total car care maintenance, the normal wear and tear your vehicle endures. Oil changes, brakes, shocks, alignments, transmissions, electrical, all get the same Belknap Auto Body commitment to high quality customer services and warranty certification.

Free Inspection of Used Cars
Belknap Auto is always ready to evaluate your used car purchase with a free full-service inspection.

"We don't want to work on a lemon anymore than you want to own one"

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